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Naruto hokage love hinata

by Voodoolkis
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Then he kissed her, he did fall in love together forever and lived happily ever after. They aid Naruto in his quest to find a bikochu beetle. Sakura discovers that with her father as a village leader, she has more freedom. I moved out from the Hyuuga compound after the war, passing the title of heiress onto my younger sister, who graciously accepted the position. She admires him and is incredibly shy around him, almost unable to form a sentence. Do you know any other facts about them? For just a day or so… the relationship between Naruto and Hinata changed. In ancient Japanese culture, when a woman brought disgrace to their family, they were made to cut their hair.

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The movie guidebook also confirms this moment. Just putting my opinion out there. She tells her teammates that all she has to do is see Naruto's eyes. It was the truth though. He huffed and turned to look at the kunoichi, who offered a smirk in response.

It seems like the two could have it made if they stayed, but they find some differences that worry them. Hinata and Naruto have to share one of Sai's painted birds to fly on. They went on to become parents of two children in Boruto! Let me know what you guys think, and do have a wonderful day. Active Oldest Votes. That would be by making it very clear just how much affection she held for Naruto. It only takes a minute to sign up. Minato and Kushina met as children and became friends. My eyes were met with a fanged grin, an expression which I copied as I offered a short wave. And to those of you who are new to my work, I write in a way where everything makes sense in the end.

Hinata gives a full laugh for the first and only time in the series. While we understand that Hinata was injured and Sasuke was accompanying Boruto, no sane mom would ever send her child into a situation where the latter might lose his life! I had successfully petitioned to be one of Naruto's bodyguards alongside Umino Iruka, who had been made jonin shortly after the war. By Amanda Bruce Jun 06, We also know that Naruto like Sakura, somehow. I accompanied him to the Land of Iron every few months, and enjoyed the experience greatly. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.


And like the Will of Fire Konohagakure had become so famous for, that flicker just wouldn't die. The moment was a staple for her as a character and cemented many fans' opinions about who Naruto should end up with when the series ends. By Amanda Bruce Nov 17, I gracefully bounded down the stairs, a routine which I had practiced multiple times to efficiently get to the shower room from my bed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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  • So in the case with Hinata, he may truly love her, but he likely still loves cough other girl too.
  • Zetsu were, for all intents and purposes, shapeshifting walking zombies.
  • Imposters make a lot of trouble during big battles in the series.
  • Don't sue me over FanFiction.
  • This is in line with Naruto's personality of caring for his friends and acts as an early moment between them.
  • Instead, she maintained an antagonistic friendship with Jiraiya for the rest of her life that she never allowed to blossom into more.
  • In turn, when Naruto discovers this about Hinata, she also inspires him to keep going when he loses faith in himself.

The movie guidebook also confirms this moment. While it's clear who the villain is in this scenario, Hinata could've tried to be more competent to avoid this situation altogether. Watching this, Naruto can't understand why he would go so far as to almost kill his family, wipes some of her blood off the floor, and vows to avenge her instead. The Chuunin exams were full of excitement and are regarded as the best arc in the anime to many fans, so it's no surprise this moment is often eclipsed. Speaking of putting it out there, you know what you really need? Unfortunately, the still unoccupied spaces taunted me and reminded me of the fact that I had not yet settled down despite my age and wish to. Although he is beaten unconscious, he inspires her by not giving up, lets her keep his red scarf tattered in the crossfire, and causes her to begin watching him.

Whether or not these two students of Orochimaru were every really a romantic pairing is up to interpretation. Chapter Nine Like in the war, after Neji dies, Naruto holds Hinata's hand and tells her he managed to accomplish what he did so far because she was by his side. Improved experience for users with review suspensions. When the ninja students were put through their chunin exams, there were too many of them to advance to the final rounds. While Naruto is tempted to do so, he decides against it later on, which ends up being a wise decision since he would've been kicked out on the spot. The last thing I would like to say is that these two have a very very very special sort of love. Many series would pit their ladies against one another when it comes to being the center of attention. I always found myself confused whenever Shikamaru would gripe about wanting to sleep in, or when Sakura would complain about how her hair was messy in the early hours.

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Ngentok Artis Naruto hokage love hinata I recalled sitting by her side night after night after the event. The Chuunin exams were full of excitement and are regarded as the best arc in the anime to many fans, so it's no surprise this moment is often eclipsed.
Permainan Ciuman Naruto hokage love hinata Also, he understands his own feelings.

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