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When the culprit behind the attacks was revealed to be Sumire Kakei , a unit was deployed to apprehend her. Jump to: navigation , search. The Fourth thanks Sakura for healing Naruto, his son, and asks if she is Naruto's girlfriend. While never actually seen using genjutsu, she is frequently been shown to quickly identify when it is being used, [35] and release herself or others from it. Team 7 is sent to Sunagakure to lend assistance in rescuing Gaara. Kakashi grabs Sakura, ties himself to an unconscious Obito with a scroll, and pins Obito to a wall in order to save them. She regroups with her teammates and decide to find the rest of Kido's henchmen, but find them defeated by fire and genjutsu, and they realise this is Sasuke's doing and he had just disappeared. Watanuki expresses a desire to one day meet the both of them. Sagat 9.

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Yun 9. The ringleader of the assault is Ino's family friend, Taidachi. After turning Kido over to Ibiki for interrogation, Sakura resumes her duties and decides to wait for Sasuke's return, which she believes is imminent, so she can talk to him. Naruto: Innocent Heart, Demonic Blood. They are both exhausted by this, due to both having used up all their chakra, but exchange one final blow, knocking both out. Sakura flatly refuses, being bothered by his eyelashes, hair style, and thick eyebrows. When Tsunade finally wakes from her coma, Sakura goes around the village sharing the good news. When he attempts to detain them on Kakashi's instructions, Kiba and Lee engage Sai, giving Sakura a chance to use the sleeping gas. Suspecting that Boruto knew something about Sasuke, she decided to confront him about it. Sakura Haruno.

Sakura threatens to scream for help, so he knocks her out. Obito teleports them back to the dimension where Naruto is and sacrifices himself to save Naruto from Kaguya. Makoto 9. Although he implies that her appearance has become cuter since then, Kishimoto and much of the Naruto manga staff agree that Sakura was "far from cute" at the start of the series. Deals and Shenanigans. Category : Characters. Sakura then saves Naruto from Menma who in turn saves her from Tobi, thus breaking the Limited Tsukuyomi. While he's gone, Yamato goes through his belongings and finds evidence that Sai has been assigned to assassinate Sasuke.

When Naruto comes to see him, Sasuke challenges him to a fight, which Naruto agrees to over Sakura's protests. As such, Sakura can heal even the most fatal of injuries. You can disable the watermark completely with a Pro account, if you really need to have watermark-free images. While it was revealed to be a letter with the message smeared too much to read, Sakura made out Sasuke's name written on it.


Learn more about Amazon Prime. This concerned Sasuke, but Sakura told her daughter to rest. Naruto's words put Sakura at ease. Dan 9. Zabuza and Haku are forced to attack the Third Division, so they take up defensive positions; having encountered them before, Sakura advises those near her to take a Manji Formation.

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  • New Era Sakura vs.
  • Guile 9.
  • To do what she can, Sakura runs over to Shikamaru and starts trying to heal him.
  • As one of them began to recover and show signs of regaining consciousness, Sakura gave the report to Yurito to be delivered to the Hokage.
  • When Naruto suggests this is true, Sakura headbutts him and tells him to focus on the situation.
  • Their first encounter was when Syaoran harassed Sakura for the Clow Cards.
  • Ring Smart Home Security Systems.

Part I: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3. Sakura agrees, but Ino is dismayed when Sakura reminds her that she will be her junior during the course of their training. Yun 9. Sakura becomes worried that Naruto is too proud to not try to answer the question, and that when he inevitably gives the wrong answer his disqualification will ruin his dreams of becoming Hokage. As she began to ask him questions, her efforts to heal Sasuke overtaxed her and she fainted. When Gaara brings Naruto to them, in need of emergency life support following the removal of the Nine-Tails from his body, Sakura boards his Desert Suspension to lend what support she can. Naruto immediately dislikes Sai, declaring him an inferior version of Sasuke. When Kiba finally locates Sasuke, Sakura has him give her precise directions to where he is. He tries to confess to her several times, but something continuously happens and derails the conversation.

When they come across the Three-Tails during the course of the mission, Sakura is assigned to a team responsible for sealing it due to her excellent chakra control. Syaoran would ignore Sakura and reject her constant attempts to befriend him, seeing her as nothing more than a rival. Kakashi scolds Sasuke for this by saying Sakura's love for him is only hurting her heart. She tries to persuade him to stay so that she won't be alone and, when that doesn't work, argues that his revenge against Itachi isn't worth it. For battle, Sakura wears a red top similar to her Part II one, with the Uchiha clan crest on the back, elbow protectors and flatter sandals.

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Ngentot Di Pantai Sakura gif When Sakura realises that she is as rude to Naruto as Sasuke usually is to her at his urging, she starts treating him better, cheering for his accomplishments, and confiding her hopes and fears with him.
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